Institute charges inductees on capacity building, value addition

Institute charges inductees on capacity building, value addition

By Rukayat Moisemhe, Lagos.


The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) has charged its newly inducted members on capacity building and value addition to match the evolving realities of the Human Resource (HR) profession.


Mrs Kelechi Olawoyin, Fellow, CIPM, and Head of HR, Administration and Communications, Transport Services Ltd. (TSL), gave the charge at the Institute’s 48th induction ceremony on Thursday in Lagos.


The event has “Build Skills, Build Capability, Deliver Value” as its theme.


Olawoyin said that the charge was important, in view of the fact that 50 per cent of employees would need new skills by 2025 as a result of the double-disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing automation.


She underscored the need for the inductees to anticipate how work would change by evaluating tasks and workflow.


She charged them to develop the five full stack HR professional skills, which were HR domain expertise, consulting and problem solving, business acumen and industry experience.


Others, she said, included technology, data, tools and vendors, as well as leadership and executive presence.


Olawoyin said: “The next 10 years would bring fundamental changes to our working world, and to adapt, employees in every working role and industry would need to acquire new skills, some of which the COVID-19 pandemic has already accelerated.


“By 2030, more jobs would require technological, social and emotional skills and leaders would do well to develop their workforce’s adaptability and resilience to these skills.


“These would be very useful, particularly for the emerging and possible HR roles in the future to deliver value,” she said.


The President of CIPM, Mr Olusegun Mojeed, while lauding the 528 inductees for becoming licensed Human Resource (HR) practitioners, noted that in today’s value-adding HR, there was no room for quacks.


Mojeed described HR as the best profession at the moment, saying it was no longer business as usual, as HR practitioners faced unprecedented situations requiring new learning, mindsets and approaches.


He appealed to the inductees to keep reading, seeing that the world was currently in an era of disinformation and fake news.


He charged them, irrespective of the Japa (emigration) phenomenon, to make a difference where they were, adding added that the institute had taken steps to provide professional services both at home and abroad.


“Your institute, in thinking ahead, recently inaugurated the CIPM UK Branch, while that of North America is loading.


“All we counsel is if you want to ‘Japa,’ ‘Japa’ responsibly! With the right set of knowledge and network, the sky is your launching pad.


“I would like to chip in that value addition and delivery is the ultimate goal of all our learning; in other words, everywhere we find ourselves, let us apply the skills and capacities we have built over the years to add and deliver value.


“I urge you to wear the HR badge with pride, even as you become good ambassadors of our institute and you are also required to live the CIPM Code of Conduct and our core values in all your professional and personal dealings,” he said.

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