NGO seeks end to abuse, violence against women

NGO seeks end to abuse, violence against women

By Adeleye Adeyemi, Lagos.


The Empowered Sapiens Mulier Initiative (ESMI), a non-governmental organisation for women, has called for an end to the abuse of women and violence against them in all human societies.


The group, which made this call at its virtual leadership summit on Sunday in Lagos, said that people must stop applauding abuse of women.


Speaking, Mrs Caroline Cares, an award-winning Inclusion Champion and Coach, who decried various abuses suffered by women, called for education and empowerment of women.


Cares said: “The society believes suffering should be for women when it should not be so.


“Domestic violence should not be applauded by the society; women are not objects of beatings and they are going through a lot. Such women should run for their lives.


“Women are born to be voiced and not to be voiceless and the society should also help in encouraging women to speak.”


According to her, systematic education should be the bedrock for women.


Cares said that education should not be a privilege but a right for every woman, hence girl-child education should be given priority.


She noted that it would be difficult to tell an uneducated woman to leave a “toxic relationship or marriage”, while an educated woman would easily leave such relationships without being told.


Cares said: “Women have a lot to contribute to the society. Every woman should acquire skills empowerment.


“Education empowers women to become great and helps them to be better role models in the society and for the younger girls.”


Also, Mrs Sara Adams, a Transformation Leadership Coach, said that abuse of women had caused “a strong, and emotionally trauma on every woman.”


She recalled that she had suffered such abuse before, with her family and friends counselling her to endure instead of encouraging her to leave the person who abused her.


Adams said: “I believe women are programmed to put up with a lot of things because we claim we do things for love and the society, while in reality, we should be ready to take up all the challenges.


“We are our own obstacles. If we question the way we educate girls or boys, then, that would solve lots of the problems we have happening in the society.


“Let’s use the love we once got to bounce back and uplift others. This might reduce the abuse and failures,” she said.


Melody Garcia, a certified Psycho-Neuro Actualisation coach, said that women should also be spiritual and dependent enough to grow, urging them not to be limited or hindered from making impacts because of perceptible abuses.


Garcia, a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Soul Script LLC, underscored the need for healing the pains from abuses, trafficking, slavery, rape and other adversities being faced by women in the society.


“We should learn to have compassion and forgiveness. We should love and not victimise somebody already hurt. We should love and respect each other.


“The language of love is patience, kindness and compassion,” she said.


Garcia, a Founder and Leader of UNICEF Unite Orlando, called for gender equality and empowerment of women.


“We are queens of our own land, women are equally strong as men; most women are stronger, great contributors,” she said.


In her remarks, Mrs Adaobi Ezeadum, the Founder and Chairman Board of Trustees of ESMI, said that the NGO sought to provide solutions to socio-cultural problems of women and girl-child through community projects and activities.


Ezeadum, a Mind-set Coach, said that the organisation had helped to impact on women by putting them back on the journey to self-discovery or rediscovery.


According to her, she is committed to helping them to re-programme their minds towards positive living and not succumb to fear.


The summit featured several advocates of women education, empowerment and inclusion as well as crusaders against domestic violence against women.

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