Nigeria’s creative sector; one of most vibrant in the world – Osinbajo

Nigeria’s creative sector; one of most vibrant in the world – Osinbajo

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo says Nigeria’s creative sector is one of the most vibrant in the world.


Osinbajo’s spokesman, Laolu Akande, in a statement on Thursday in Abuja, said that the vice-president made the observation when he received delegation of Kannywood artistes at the Presidential Villa.


Kannywood is the Hausa-language film industry.


The delegation, made up of notable performers, musicians, entertainers and creative artistes from the northern parts of the country, commended the administration, while also tabling their requests to further boost the development of the Nigerian film industry.


While receiving the delegation, Osinbajo said that one of most important resources of any country was its human resources.


He underscored the need for Nigeria to place a high premium on its human resources because its talents were the country’s biggest export and most significant investment.


The vice-president said that he had encountered the works of some of members of the delegation, such as veteran Kannywood actor, Rabiu Rikadawa, among others.


“I think one of the best things that our country has is talent, very solid talent; sometimes, we make the mistake of not exhibiting our talents enough, not showing off our talents enough and it’s a big mistake because this is our best resource.


“When you look at our country; here is a fantastic country, with talents from every corner but it can also be a place where people are just fighting, quarrelling over nothing; whereas we can bring, with the power of what you are doing, we can bring people together, we can bring all our people together.


“If you look at sports, if you look at entertainment, they can bring people together; and we must use it to bring our people together; we must use this talent to bring our people together.


“I like the film industry. I enjoy comedy, I enjoy songs in whatever language, and I’m sure, there are so many who are interested.


“Even sometimes, looking at a video when you don’t even speak the language, you look at a video, you’ll laugh because you know that it is funny,” he said.


According to him, it does not matter the language in which a creative work is delivered, people will laugh, so long as it is funny.


Osinbajo said that the creative industry had a very strong weapon – drama, music, comedy — as they were very powerful tools that could be used to do many things.


“The usefulness of your talent is not just for a small set of people but it is for everybody because your contributions are very important.


“I am happy to see all of us who are here, people who are using their talents to invest as they can.


“We can do more, if we are supported, supported by government, supported by the private sector. But the question is how? how are we going to do that?


“I want us to take this meeting seriously so that we can have a meeting to advance what we have been talking about,” he said.


The vice-president said that despite the challenges of insecurity and insurgency, government would continue to explore ways to support the creative sector and improve other aspects of national life.


Osinbajo said that he was looking forward to working with the group to resolve the challenges of the industry.


During the meeting, the Kannywood group delivered a special song filled with commendation for the accomplishments of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, while also chorusing that Osinbajo was together with “Baba Buhari”.


The song’s rendition was led by Yusuf Haruna, also known as Baban Chinedu, a Muslim actor, who features as an Igbo character in films.


The Kannywood actors praised the leadership, dedication and wisdom of the Buhari-Osinbajo administration.


The leader of the delegation, Alhaji Rarara, recalled how some of the delegation members, including himself, had been actively supporting the administration.


He also praised the government for its laudable programmes that had touched so many people but added that more needed to be done.


“We know both you and the president are committed to the people and are aligned; that is why we are still with you,” he said.


In his remarks, Yakubu Mohammed, the group’s spokesperson, said that the group had been supporting the administration and would continue to support it.


Mohammed solicited the government’s assistance by helping to address some of the challenges facing the industry, particularly in the area of finance.


He stressed that the activities of the group were funded solely by its members but noted that the industry was lagging behind due to paucity of funds.

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