NASS Clerk markets made-in Nigeria products, cuisines to visiting African parliamentarians

NASS Clerk markets made-in Nigeria products, cuisines to visiting African parliamentarians

The Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr Amos Ojo, has called on parliamentarians and delegates across Africa, to patronise local made-in-Nigeria products and cuisines.


He made the call as the 51st conference of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), Africa region, came to a close in Abuja on Sunday.


The week-long event, which had heads of African parliaments and other delegates converging on Abuja, presented a platform to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the economies of member states, participation of women and youths in politics, as well as the growth of the region.


Besides proffering strategies for re-invigorating the post-COVID-19 economies of nations, the conference also showcased the many cultural endowments of Nigeria, with the view to provoking investments.


Speaking at the closing of the event, Amos said that Nigeria was endowed with rich cultures and local cuisines which would interest other countries.


He said that in spite of the divergence in religion and tribe, the cultural heritage of Nigeria was also part of the country’s God-given strength and blessings.


“As you know, Nigeria is a very big country. In fact, it is not for nothing that we are tagged the ‘giant of Africa’.


“In spite of glaring challenges that confront us as a country, our unity cannot be compromised nor is it negotiable.


“Our various diverse cultures are, indeed, great blessings that the Almighty has endowed us with. I will say clearly here that Nigerians are very proud of their cultural attributes.


“In a lighter mood, our country is flowered incredibly with great delicacies that can compete with others from anywhere in the world.


“Our Black Soup; Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup; Bitter Leaf Soup; Plantain and Owho; Starch and Banga; Edikankong; Tuwon Masara, among others, are simply unbeatable,” he said.


Speaking on the role of Nigeria in the Society for Clerks-At-The-Table (SoCATT), Ojo appreciated the Africa region of the CPA for always entrusting the country with a lot of responsibility.


“I am proud to note that Nigeria was involved in the establishment of SoCATT in Accra, Ghana.


“During the maiden meeting, we were honoured with the position of Vice-Chairmanship of the society. Subsequently, Nigeria became regional representative for West Africa up to and until this meeting.


“We appreciate your recognition and do not take it for granted,” he said.


The National Assembly clerk assured the SoCATT, Africa region, that the Nigerian chapter, under his watch, would fully participate in all activities of the society.

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