Committee says 2nd wave of COVID-19 hits Kwara

Committee says 2nd wave of COVID-19 hits Kwara

The Kwara Medical Advisory Sub-Committee on COVID-19 says a second wave of the pandemic has hit the state.


The committee made the announcement on Sunday in Ilorin in a statement by its Chairman, Dr Femi Oladiji.


“Now, there are two epidemiological curves of the disease in Kwara. The first curve peaked between July and August, and then plummeted between September and October, at which stage people thought COVID-19 was winding down.


“It is important to state clearly that we now have the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak in Kwara, just like a few other states of the country,’’ he said.


Oladiji said that the second curve started early in November with sharp rise in the number of positive cases.


He said that the factors behind the second wave included increase in awareness for voluntary testing, which had increased the number of new cases; nonchalant attitude of many residents and non-adherence to preventive measures against the disease.


He said that other factors were the influx of people from outside the state and the expansion of sampling and testing capacities of the state which was facilitated by the Regional Disease Surveillance System Enhancement and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.


“Some states started closing their isolation centres when the first phase ebbed. However, in Kwara, the isolation centre at COVID-19 Infectious Disease Centre, Sobi, Alagbado, remains operational.


“Statistically, cross-sectional studies conducted by a team of researchers of the Committee on COVID-19 in Kwara reported that between July 11 and Aug. 11, the total number of confirmed cases was 500; whereas between Sept.  11 and Oct. 11, total number of confirmed cases dropped to 63,’’ he said.


Oladiji added that between Nov.  11 and Dec. 11, total number of confirmed cases spiralled to 180.


He noted that the figure represented nearly a three-fold increase, with 17 persons on admission at the isolation centre.


“Residents of the state are, therefore, urged to adhere to preventive measures at all times to limit the spread of the disease,’’ he warned.

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