Cuba starts clinical trials of 2 new domestic COVID-19 vaccines

Cuba starts clinical trials of 2 new domestic COVID-19 vaccines

The Cuban Centre for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices has approved the onset of clinical trials of two COVID-19 candidate vaccines, developed by the Cuban Centre of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB).


The Director of CIGB, Dr Eulogio Pimentel-Vazquez, made this known via Twitter on Friday.


“The clinical trials of candidate vaccines Mambisa and Abdala have been approved after a thorough review of the presented dossier that included the evidence of the results of the pharmaceutical development and animal trials,” Pimentel-Vazquez wrote on Twitter.


According to the CIGB, the Mambisa vaccine will be injected through the nose to examine the immune response at the mucous level.


The aim of the Abdala vaccine trial, on the other hand, is to evaluate its safety in the first phase and its immune response capacity in the second phase.


Apart from Mambisa and Abdala vaccines, Cuba is conducting clinical trials of two other domestic vaccines.


Earlier in August, Cuban Finlay Institute started developing Soberana 01 vaccine, with trials expected to be finished in January 2021.


At the end of October, the state control authority approved the first phase trials of the Soberana 02 vaccine against the coronavirus disease.

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