Film on Tunde Leye’s “Finding Hubby” hits cinemas in November

Film on Tunde Leye’s “Finding Hubby” hits cinemas in November

Movie producer/director Femi Ogunsanwo says the Nollywood remake of “Finding Hubby”, Tunde Leye’s viral story, will hit the cinemas in November.


Ogunsanwo told newsmen in Abuja on Saturday that the movie, which was the remake of the 2012 fan-favourite, captured 35-year-old Oyin Clegg’s search for her handsome prince.


He said that “Finding Hubby” was all about the journey of Clegg and her two friends, Toke and Gloria, in the adventure of “kissing many frogs” in the quest to find their prince.


“The cast and crew of the movie have been carefully selected to ensure that the viral story is retold on video without losing any of the elements that made it a fan-favourite,” said Ogunsanwo who has produced several successful movies in the past.


“It was an exhilarating experience creating a movie out of this story that was followed by over two million people online and on radio.


“I can’t wait for fans to see what will definitely be the most talked about movie this year,” he said.


Ogunsanwo said that “Finding Hubby” explored themes of friendship, love and finding happiness in oneself.


He said that the movie would be distributed by Genesis Film Distribution.

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