Maida’s death has created a great vacuum, says Sen. Ida

Maida’s death has created a great vacuum, says Sen. Ida



Sen. Ibrahim Ida, a former chairman of the Senate Committee on Defence, says the death of Malam Wada Maida, has created a vacuum that will be very difficult to fill.


Ida, in a tribute to the late Maida who was the Board Chairman of News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), also described him as a true inspiration to everyone around him.


“The vacuum his death has created will take a very long time to fill, if it will ever be.


“He was a beautiful soul, a true inspiration to everyone around him and a great loss to all the people who knew him. I know he will be terribly missed and his memory will be cherished forever.”


NAN reports that Maida, who served in various capacities at different times as reporter, editor and manager when he headed the Agency as Managing Director, died on Monday.


Ida who recounted his last moments with Maida, as recent as Aug. 15, said it was painful losing a friend that was more than even a brother in many ramifications.


“If it is painful to lose a friend, it is surely a million times more staggering, bewildering, shattering and confusing to lose a friend, a companion, a non-blood brother, a confidant and someone you have known most of your life.”


In the tribute titled “Tribute To An Unforgettable Friend, Wada A. Maida”, Ida who is the Sardaunan Katsina described in great detail Maida’s childhood, saying he was “an intelligent and committed student”.


He said Maida started exhibiting journalistic tendencies in his early days, and developed into a “careful, cautious, intelligent, thrifty and quiet” person.


“He would not involve himself in things that did not concern him. He was a man of few words but a prolific writer.

”However, the good journalist that he was, he never wasted words.”


Ida, who further described Maida as a caring husband to his beloved wife and excellent father to his children, said he was also a caring soul.


”He was always there for others and was interested in charitable works.”


NAN reports that Maida who was the Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to President Muhammadu Buhari when he was Head of State from Dec. 31, 1983 to Aug. 27, 1985 was buried on Tuesday in Abuja.

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